Battery ZSB Planning Engineer
  • 面议
  • 合肥
  • 经验 1年~3年
  • 全职
  • 发布于2021-10-13

Project release: 1. Responsible for planning related work including defining manufacturing concept, generating specifications, follow the whole bidding process, preparing BM-Paper, allocation, Kick-off supplier andrelated departments, production status control, preliminary acceptance, delivery control, hook up, machine/construction installation and supervision, machine/construction acceptance, coordinate and manage the onsite supplier 2. Monitoring of adherence of project deadlines, available project budget and milestones as VFA, PVS, 0-S, SOP etc. 3. Preparation of necessary decision making committees for project release as well as coordination of appointments for preparation of project information for the decision making committee in Germany Planning department organization 4. Indemnification and controlling of adherence of international project standards of the VWAG 5. Organization and coordination of the planning department 6. Coordination of interfaces within the Battery plant, as well as VGC and VWAG 7. Organization and coordination of project related as well as planning department related workshops 8. Realization of VWAG standards within the responsible project area 9. Propose processes improvement Project controlling: 1. Appropriation of project related information in professional groups as SET-Meetings, Pilothallen-Meetings, Werkanlaufrunden, Project-Meetings etc. 2. Organization and sharing of planning and project related documents and knowledge/ information 3. Evaluation of Aekos. Coordinating and following up the status of change management such as Äko, LC or other changes to the projects scope internally and with related departments 4. Identification and monitoring of project costs like SGK, support planning project invest for KAN, VAI and other VW group approval committees


1. Bachelor degree or above in Business Administration, Mechanical/Industrial engineering or Automobile related fields 2. 2 years full time working experience, ideally in the field of automotive or battery planning 3. Proficient in Chinese, German and/or English fluently in speaking and writing, both German and English would be preferred 4. Ability to work in an international company and team 5. Action oriented work style and strong drive for results 6. Focus on personal learning and development 7. Well-developed communication & cooperation skills 8. Good organization and coordination ability, conflict and problem solving skills, self-confident manner 9. Skillfully applying office and management software such as MS Office, SAP, KSRM, CAD knowledge etc.




大众汽车(安徽)零部件有限公司由大众汽车自动变速器(天津)有限公司投资建立,公司厂区位于安徽省合肥市经开信创产业园。 公司于2021年7月成立,为大众汽车集团(中国)旗下企业。公司生产高压动力电池包,主要供给大众汽车(安徽)有限公司基于集团MEB平台的新能源车型预计于2023年下半年批量生产。公司的智能化工厂应用高新技术设备和系统,在大众汽车集团及汽车行业电动化过程中占据重要地位。 大众汽车(安徽)零部件有限公司作为新能源汽车的电池生产基地,彰显了大众汽车集团决胜移动出行领域的决心,并持续为行业和社会带来价值。同时,公司将通过多元化的发展平台和完善的人才发展路径,助力每一位员工实现职业梦想,成就更好的自己!