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China Mobile International (Germany) GmbH, a subsidiary of China Mobile International (CMI), provides a full range of comprehensive international telecommunications services which include IDD, Roaming, Internet, MNC Services and Value-added Business across the globe. Headquartered in Hong Kong, China, CMI has expanded our footprint in 36 countries and regions. As the world’s leading telecommunications operator, CMI is actively involved in the “Belt and Road” initiative and aims to become the architect and pilot of the Digital Silk Roads. In order to protect data security and to support customer’s international development, CMI Germany arrived in Frankfurt to provide tailor-made, high quality and integrated telecommunications solutions to Chinese and European enterprises and operators. Echoing the vision of China Mobile Group, the objective of the German subsidiary is to become a future contributor of China Mobile’s global value and a trustworthy partner in the industry. China Mobile International is strengthening its cooperation with international operators. By means of service upgrade and charge adjustments, CMI keeps reducing service charges and providing the best international communication experience to its 900+ million customers. CMI is continuously accelerating its pace in expanding global network deployment and scale of connectivity. The company presently owns 70+ submarine and terrestrial cable resources, 170+ PoPs, and the Frankfurt data center is expected to be launched in the end of 2020. Leveraging on the abundant network resources across the globe, China Mobile International (Germany) GmbH provides the comprehensive telecommunications services, including: IPLC / IEPL, MPLS VPN, IP Transit, SD-WAN, Data Centers, CDN, ICT, Voice and IoT etc. CMI also launched one-stop-shop platform mCloud to help enterprise users deploy and manage innovative cloud and network products, like Cloud Connect, SDWAN, Application Acceleration Network and multi-cloud services. mCloud now collaborates with eight global top-tier cloud service providers, offering integrated access to cloud platforms and productivity suites. CMI Germany provides high-quality local telecommunications services for Chinese enterprises seeking to develop in European market. For European enterprises and operators seeking for international development, CMI Germany works as a bridge that enables customers to benefit not only from an efficient local service but also from our abundant international network which connects Asia and Europe. 中国移动国际(德国)有限公司是中国移动国际(CMI)的子公司,在全球范围内提供包括IDD、漫游、互联网、跨国公司服务和增值业务在内的全方位综合性国际电信服务。 CMI 总部位于中国香港,业务已扩展至 36 个国家和地区。 作为全球领先的电信运营商,CMI积极参与“一带一路”倡议,立志成为数字丝绸之路的设计者和领航者。为保障数据安全,支持客户国际化发展,CMI Germany抵达法兰克福,为中欧企业和运营商提供量身定制的优质综合电信解决方案。 与中国移动集团的愿景相呼应,德国子公司的目标是成为中国移动未来全球价值的贡献者和行业值得信赖的合作伙伴。 中国移动国际正在加强与国际运营商的合作。通过服务升级和资费调整,CMI不断降低服务资费,为900+百万客户提供最佳的国际通信体验。 CMI正在不断加快扩大全球网络部署和连接规模的步伐。公司目前拥有70+海陆光缆资源,170+PoP,预计2020年底建成法兰克福数据中心。 中国移动国际(德国)有限公司利用全球丰富的网络资源,提供全面的电信服务,包括:IPLC / IEPL、MPLS VPN、IP Transit、SD-WAN、数据中心、CDN、ICT、语音和物联网等. CMI还推出了一站式平台mCloud,帮助企业用户部署和管理创新的云和网络产品,如Cloud Connect、SDWAN、应用加速网络和多云服务。 mCloud 现在与八家全球顶级云服务提供商合作,提供对云平台和生产力套件的集成访问。 CMI Germany为寻求开拓欧洲市场的中国企业提供优质的本地电信服务。对于寻求国际化发展的欧洲企业和运营商而言,CMI Germany 是一座桥梁,让客户不仅可以从高效的本地服务中受益,还可以从我们连接亚洲和欧洲的丰富国际网络中受益。

公司地址Ulmenstrasse 37-39,Frankfurt am Main