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HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Duesseldorf GmbH (Consumer Business Group)
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1.销售顾问是华为旗舰店顾客满意度的创造者,为门店Target带来销售贡献 2.持续提供专业、周到的服务 3.作为一名销售顾问,你非常善于识别客户需求并提供最佳解决方案 4.你还知道如何将用户的好奇心转化为强烈的兴趣,并最终成为粘性用户;随着新产品和新活动的出现,您可以学习和分享,并以不同的方式影响您周围的团队成员 5.积极协调模块内的工作,能够独立完成特定任务 6.通过对消费者的接待和服务,传递和分享华为的产品知识和相关课程。消费者的好奇心转化为强烈的兴趣,发展为粘性用户。善于学习和分享有关新产品和新玩法的知识 1.Sales consultants are the creators of customer satisfaction in Huawei flagship stores and bring the contribution of sales for the store Target 2.Continuously provide professional and well-tempored service 3.As a Sales Consultant, you are very good at identifying customer needs and providing the best solution 4.You also know how to turn customer curiosity into a strong interest and eventually into a sticky user; As new products and activities emerge, you can learn and share, and influence the team members around you in a diverse manner 5.Actively coordinate the work within the module and be able to play an independent role in a specific task 6.Transfer and share Huawei product knowledge and related courses through consumer reception and service. The consumer\'s curiosity is transformed into a strong interest and the development of sticky users. Be good at learning and sharing knowledge about new products and ways to play


1.了解华为旗舰店的定位和经营理念,指导工作方向 2.熟练运用服务技能,善于发现客户潜在需求,为客户提供超出客户预期的全场景解决方案,并在团队内积极分享成功案例 3.熟练掌握华为产品及门店PC体验解决方案。熟悉后台操作原理。协助值班经理对楼层团队进行培训 4.当地板出现问题时,快速定位问题,寻找解决问题的资源,并向客户和合作伙伴说明情况 5.协调和平衡楼层和模块的工作,做好模块的工作,在具体的工作中做出突破性的贡献或技能 6.推广华为理念、产品知识和使用技能,将创意变为现实。洞察行业趋势,挖掘消费者兴趣,组织社区互动和讲座,提高消费者参与度,积极开发用户 7.精通华为的产品销售,知道作为收银员该怎么做 8.销售楼层、仓库的日常清洁,并根据需要更换产品 1.Understand the positioning and business philosophy of Huawei flagship store and guide the work direction 2.Be proficient in the application of service skills, be good at discovering customers\' potential requirements, providing customers with full-scenario solutions that exceed their expectations, and actively sharing successful cases within the team 3.Be proficient in products of Huawei and PC experience solutions in stores. Be familiar with the background operation principles. Assist the on-duty manager in enabling the floor team 4.When a problem occurs on the floor, quickly locate the problem, find the resources to solve the problem, and explain the situation to customers and partners 5.Coordinate and balance the work of the floor and module, perform the work of the module well, and make breakthrough contributions or skills in a specific work 6.Promote Huawei\'s philosophy, product knowledge, and use skills, and turn creative ideas into reality. Gain insight into industry trends, explore consumer interests, organize community interactions and lectures, improve consumer participation, and actively develop users 7.Be proficient on how to sell products of huawei, know what to do as cashier 8.Daily cleaning of sales floor, stockroom and changing product on shopfloor based on requirement


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